Home Renovations

Do you think you need a small change for your home? Whether it is a small remodeling or large-scale renovation, D2M Interior is here for you for any kind of home renovation in Chennai. We can translate your interior into a completely new design by maintaining the structural elements. This will give a fresh and trendy look and improve the functionality and appearance of your home. We can give a makeover to your home by using latest materials and fittings. We come up with ideas that outside of the box ideas to give your family a fresh experience. Our main goal is to make your life more comfortable and happier with the help of innovative interior design tactics. We are the best interior design company in Chennai offering home renovation in Chennai.

Kitchen Renovation

The center of your family life is your kitchen and it is the most important room in your house. A day of your family life begins and ends in the kitchen. Therefore, you need a tranquil environment for your kitchen. The kitchen is as important as the living room when it comes to socializing and bonding. Moreover, a good kitchen can motivate family members to cook at home frequently which is help you stay healthy. Therefore, you need a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen for your family’s health and happiness. We can help you create that beautiful kitchen. We have years of experience in remodeling kitchens to make it a better place to cook and spend quality time together. We use modern materials and high-quality products and to facelift a kitchen that will stay trendy and fresh for years. Please contact our executives to discuss your dream home of your personal taste.

Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom should be soothing and relaxing space which allows you to escape from the tensions of the daily life. It is a place where you start your day and end your day. In the morning, you head towards the bathroom after you get up and then relieve yourself, brush your teeth, and take a bath. In the night you again go to the bathroom, relieve yourself and take a bath before you go to the bed. Your bathroom needs to be beautiful and captivating to extend that will motivate you to go there and have a relaxing bath. Traditionally, people in Chennai didn’t give much attention to the design of their bathroom and they trusted the job of choosing the accessories and fittings with the plumbers. If you need a bathroom that go beyond simple utilities, you need to hire the best home renovation contractor in Chennai. We offer bathroom interior designing and remodeling services in Chennai and we can help you to build that soothing and relaxing bathroom that will enhance your lifestyle. We have a bewildering range of products and materials which give you lots options to choose from. We can help you find out the best accessories and fittings to increase the functionality and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. We have special luxury packages in which we create spa-like bathrooms for our clients which will make their bath an incredible experience.

Flooring Renovation

If you think your flooring is outdated or you need new flooring material to decorate your room, we can help you. You don’t have to worry about the mess associated with pulling out the old flooring when it is done by D2M Interior. We use cutting-edge technologies to take out the old flooring. Whatever kind of material you want for your flooring, we have well-trained laborers to install different kinds of flooring materials. We can transform the look and feel of your home.

Improve Electrical Wiring

Most of the people in Chennai are unhappy with their not well-planned wiring system of their house. For example, old houses may not have the facility for internet in their wiring. In that case, we can seamlessly integrate wiring for wired internet connectivity across your rooms. If you are one among them, you can contact us immediately to make changes in your wiring system and make your life easier. We have highly qualified electrical professionals who can help you redesign the wiring system of your home to increase the functionality.

Carpentry Works

We have highly skilled carpenters to create doors, windows, frames, wardrobes, lofts, and cabinets. We choose the right materials for these works based on your requirements, style, and budget.


Sometimes, painting your rooms in the right colors with right shades can give an entirely new look to your home. Creative designers in our team will help you to pick the best colors for your rooms based on the utility and the emotion the room should evoke.


An interior renovation is never perfect without improving the existing plumbing system because a perfect plumbing system is vital for any house. We can help you with more water outlets and different plumbing accessories throughout your home to make your life easier.