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This company has a team of experienced architects, creative designers and skilled craftsmen working towards creating bespoke interior spaces customized to the unique requirements of clients. We are one of the best interior designers in Chennai that provides a one-stop solution for all kind of interior design and decoration works ranging from space planning to final finishing. We design, plan and execute interior projects for residential and commercial spaces ranging from traditional to ultra-modern style.

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Do you need to make changes to your home? Whether it is a small remodeling or large-scale renovation, LYX Design is here for you. We work on any kind of home renovation in Chennai. We can translate your interior into a completely new design by maintaining the structural elements. This will give a fresh and trendy look and improve the functionality and appearance of your home. We can give a makeover to your home by using latest materials and fittings. We come up with ideas that are outside the box to give your family a fresh new experience. Our main goal is to make your life more comfortable and happier with the aid of innovative interior design tactics. We are the best interior design company in Chennai offering all kinds of renovation and building services in Chennai

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Why LYX Design

Competitive Pricing

45 days Completion for Renovation

5 years Service Warranty

146 quality checks

Our Services

Home Renovation

We understand the behavior and requirements of people living in a house to optimize the functional use of space and consider their tastes and preferences to make it aesthetically pleasing. We strategically utilize the space to create a healthier environment for you and your family. The primary goal of our interior design services is to create a pleasant interior environment in homes that will promote happiness and wellbeing according to Vastu Shastra.

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Commerical Renovations

We work closely with our clients on all commercial projects. We understand that there is no one all fix all solution to this. From F&B establishments to Showroom and Storage facilities, we are able to undertake all projects and our list is not exhaustive as mentioned above.

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Building Construction

We work closely with multiple Contractors with years of experience in Building and Construction. We only work with reputable builders with extensive expertise and experience in the Industry. Some of their names may be very familiar as they are now mostly household names.

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Interior Designing

We help you to adorn your space with fashionable and beautiful furnitures, accessories and other fixtures and fittings. We will take care of sourcing for the best wallpaper, window treatments, choosing of lighting accessories and other small furnishings. We have creative interior decorators with an eye for detail on our team who can increase the value of your house with outstanding design works. We will select the best colors, patterns, and textures to create the perfect mood and feel for each room.

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Loan Services

We provide all types of loan brokerage services. Whether if it is a new home loan, a briding loan or a renovation loan. For special cases we also assist with in-house financial loan services. Feel free to speak to our loans specialists on your requirements.

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Man Power Supply

We provide man power supply for all sorts of construction or renovation projects. Feel free to contact our Human Resource Specialists on your requirements.

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End to End Project Management

3 Step Process

We Develop Ideas

Important Planning and Design Stages.

We Manage Projects

The importance of working with experienced project manager.

We Create Spaces

With us no project is the same.

Our Projects

Why LYX Design


Quality Materials

We use quality materials for your home that will last for decades and improve the value of your home



We have talented architects, creative designers and skilled workers with years of experience in interior design industry


Timely Delivery

We are committed to keeping our promise. In the last 5 years, we have completed 100% of projects we undertook the deadline


Budget-friendly Packages

We have special budget-friendly packages to help everyone have a beautiful and healthier interior space


Special Discounts

We have business associations with various wholesalers which help us to get materials for discounted prices



If you want to use your workers to execute the design created by us, we can provide the consultation any time you want


The LYX Edge

Lyx Design Experience Typical experience¹


  • No hidden costs

  • Price Match Guarantee²

  • 45% hike between first quote & final cost


  • One-stop shop for all interior needs

  • Approx 27 market trips to find everything


  • Personalised designs with 3D visuals

  • Cookie-cutter designs with 2D visuals


  • 45-day installation³"

  • "Regular updates with project tracking

  • Unreliable timelines"

  • "No communication on updates/ delays


  • Branded materials

  • 146 quality checks

  • 100% in-house team

  • Inferior materials used to cut costs

  • No quality checks

  • Outsourced to small contractors


  • Flat 5 year warranty⁴

  • Singapore first & only on-site service warranty

  • No warranty offered for products or services


  • Dedicated team for prompt response & support

  • No after-sales support

Our Philosophy

Our interior design services range from concept designing to execution and from contracting to project management. We specialize in space planning, visualizing interior spaces and creating modular and custom furniture.

Our strength lies in our intense passion for creativity and desire to create unique and bespoke interior spaces that perfectly align with the lifestyle, requirements, and individual tastes of our clients.

We have a vast portfolio of all kinds of interior design works. We deal with luxury as well as budget-friendly interior design requirements. We have experts in traditional, luxury, minimalist, modern and contemporary interior design styles. Whatever be your interior design requirements, we can meet them with the help of experts in each field.

A well-organized interior is essential for a happy and comfortable life. We take care of utilizing the available space intelligently to provide maximum facilities in each room without cluttering the space.

We believe each room in your house should evoke the right mood and mental state. Therefore, we give special emphasis to the psychology of interior design which helps us to design rooms that will induce the perfect mood and emotions.

We consider the practical aspects of using an interior space effectively and develop a plan that will help you lead a comfortable life. Our designs reflect style and personality of our clients, and it is a distinctive mix of style and comfort.

We work closely with our clients to understand their dreams and concepts of their ideal home. It helps us to create a space that would cherish our clients. We conceptualize designs after the primary meeting with our clients to understand their character and mentality. We also learn the deepest desires of our clients about their dream home.

Our Mission


Mission: We are looking to provide luxury Interior Designs at a very cost effective price. Our direct contractor pricing will give you the ability to renovate your home into your dream home at an affordable price.

Vision: We aim to complete 2000 home renovations in Chennai by the year 2045.

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The ladies were exceptionally conscientious and respectable. They raise the bar ☺️
Taibah Gadi
House cleaning
It was such a great experience with Judith, she knows what to do when and where, she is simply amazing.
Abir Tahir
House cleaning
I booked on short notice and the company managed to send a maid, Elsa, at the requested time. Elsa did a great job!
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